About Me

So the Story of my Content Creation is a merger of my Life's two parts
A+B = C  (Content Creation lol)

A) Travel is Fun

Spending years in International Trade gave me opportunities to travel to a lot of countries at an early age in my teens and 20s .The Exposure to National Travel and Foreign countries always kept me excited as after work I would squeeze time somehow after meetings and try going different restaurants, City attractions, Car dealerships/museums, travelling in local transport, meeting locals and what not. The Planning part and the Challenges of travelling always felt Exciting to me.    

B) Humourous Vibes

Humour, Wit, Puns, Jokes have been constantly running at my Home and in my Family since my childhood. Even at family meetups there is no thing called as Filter amongst us, no matter what the age group (koi kisiko kuch bhi bole ja raha hai bro phir bhi sab chill hai)
Being raised with all chill attitude towards life talking the joke, pun language has been constant everyday still.

There was this personality of mine which wanted to make people laugh so i used to test myself while hanging out with friends, family or social media posts by jokes or spontaneous things I performed .There were good,yes, no, bleh all kinda reactions on my said humour,still are.

The funny captions/posts or stories on my private Instagram account which had around 240 followers also had positive reactions, some none/neutral again blehh depending on how much someone could relate or how good/bad my humour was lol.

Till this point i did not know i was gonna be a content creator i was just doing it for fun.

Its When I saw people reacting to my General funny posts in a positive manner I though

Chalo Try karte hai  / Lets Try

C) Hello Content Creation Testing 123

So when i Say to myself in life that Chalo Try karte hai  / Lets Try  

My Brains say any task I perform should be Prior Researched upon and then Executed  i.e.

Time Consuming Research Pre-operations is better than Struggling and Failing Midway Operations cause no Research was done

I wanted To Merge A (Travel)+B (Humour) to make C (Content) as i had discovered it was my interest

In my initial Research I Started Questioning myself/Self Introspection

1) Is my Content Creation Skill good or worthy enough which will make the audience like the content?
2) What makes the audience like/dislike the content?
3) How would the audience react to xyz/abc content 
4) and a few more things

So while i was questioning myself i simultaneously also knew the process to reach the answers

There was only one way - Test
I starting Testing my content on my Private Instagram account which had 240 knowns,unknowns,random all kinda audience by posting stories, vlogs, telling jokes, travel stories puns and a few more things

By doing this i studied the audience Behavior for months by taking feedbacks from the audience where in i discovered the behaviour of audience on jokes

The Test Said
Joke 1 was hilarious to someone while for some it was bleh whereas Joke 2 was vice versa and i discovered why

After These Trials and Feedbacks i got my Answers but these answers were for

What has to be Made

Next part to work on was How?

Because no matter if the audience finds the content good if the delivery is imperfect its gonna affect the Viewers mood whilst watching

Thus everything is Equally important 

I then started research on my Gear/Equipment i.e
Camera Equipment
Editing Softwares
Hardware Tech Specs/Laptop supporting Editing
and other few more Accessories and Gadgets

I had Started reading on Internet on how to use the Equipments and also travelled all over the city meeting dealers/distributors making network for Equipment i needed

A thing i realized that the only time i had made Notes after My Commerce Graduation and International Trade Diploma Course was for Content Creation surely i was too focused on it was what i felt

My Books,Diarys and Walls were full of notes and songs to which my Mom said...."Whooo writes notes and songs on walls" lol

The Songs were the Motivational one tbh

After all the Research of Months my Gut feeling said ok now we are Ready lets,

Video Shoot, Edit and Upload

Well That was it  

Thank you Sooo much for reading till the end !