My Equipment / Gear

4k High Resolution Cameras for Video Recording

Microphones For Clear and Crisp Audio

Good Lighting For Proper Visibility 

Licensed Paid Version of
Editing Softwares

 High Performance Hardwares/Computer for Faster Rendering of Videos In Editing

Believer of a fact that

Best Input = Best Output

My Aim is to always use the best tech available for video shooting, audio recording, lighting , cables,tripods,mounts and other supporting accessories 

I actively keep researching on new technology launched which I can use for my content

Most of the time if there is a new product launch for example cameras,mics or other accessories I just buy them and try comparing them with my current equipment and start using the one which gives better results being upgraded rather than just sticking to the devices i am using.    

Not in all the cases but mostly

The more upgraded the tech

Better the viewing experience

Above all Its the Love and Respect for Tech.
If the Tech is being Handled with Love & Care
Eg. Hard/Soft Shell Cases ,Sensitive Handling, Cleaning maintenance, Hygienic and Secure Storage
The Tech Never lets you down midway somewhere when the
Tech is Happy